Noël sous les palmiers

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  • Ideal for: The holiday season
  • Artist: Shilvi
  • Author/Composer: Marc Larochelle, Sylvie Dumontier
  • Album: La tour de bébelles
  • Original Key: A


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Original Key: [A]

Noël sous les palmiers, an ideal song for the holiday season

« Noël sous les palmiers » by Shilvi is an enchanting song that instantly transports the listener to a tropical and warm Christmas. With its cheerful rhythms and sunny melodies, the song conjures the image of a Christmas celebration under palm trees, where snow is replaced by fine sand and shimmering stars above the ocean. The lyrics reflect the magic of this special season in an exotic setting, with references to sparkling lights, gifts exchanged under the coconut trees, and the gentle December breeze. Shilvi brings her captivating and warm voice to this song, creating a relaxed and festive atmosphere of celebration. « Noël sous les palmiers » embodies the idea that Christmas can be celebrated anywhere in the world, bringing joy, love, and sharing regardless of the location. It’s a song that celebrates the diversity of Christmas traditions while maintaining the festive spirit of the season, and it invites listeners to dream of tropical holidays during this magical time of the year. Download the sheet music now to add a touch of tropical magic to your Christmas music repertoire.



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