The Replica Standard

The Replica Standard is a set of rigorous rules that govern the work of our specialists. Regardless of whoever transcribes the sheet music, you are assured that it will be visually uniform and that its content will be accurate.

The quality of our sheet music is strictly controlled.

At Replica, we care about rapidly delivering High-quality sheet music with precise, clear and consistent musical content. It is the reason we have put in place a quality control system that has been established according to a high standard.

Each sheet music is thoroughly revised.

Indeed, a minimum of two professional musicians and specialists collaborate in the transcription and revision of each sheet music before its delivery.

The sheet music is delivered quickly

Our team now has 9 different instrument specialists who share the workload. They are therefore never overloaded.

Sheet music adapted to your needs

Whether you play music as a hobby, or are a professional musician, a music teacher, a producer or a musical director, we will provide you sheet music adapted to your needs. We have several  standardized products that are suitable for the majority of Customer, and we offer customized products if you have specific requests.

Chord sheet

The chord sheet is ideal for musicians looking for a low-budget group work tool.

Targeted users

Perfect for groups of music students as well as professionals or semi-professionals musicians who can read chords.

Lead sheet

The general lead sheet is ideal for musicians looking for a tool to work in groups, while reducing their personal preparation time.

Targeted users

Perfect for groups of professional or semi-professional musicians who can read chords, for music students, and for low-budget productions.

Chord Sheet with Lyrics and Melody

The chord sheet with melody and lyrics is ideal for singers who wish to accompany themselves, or be accompanied by a professional musician. Music teachers also like this product, for example, to teach a song to a group of students.

Targeted users

Perfect for singing teachers or their students, singers who are auditioning, and teachers in primary or secondary school.

Rhythm Section Parts

The rhythm section parts product is the most complete. It is ideal for musicians who wish to significantly reduce their personal preparation time. It is also intended for amateur musicians who wish to have complete information to perform their interpretation.

Targeted Users

Perfect for professional or amateur musicians who can read chords and notes, music students, large-scale productions, TV shows and galas.

Piano arrangements

Piano arrangements are ideal for amateurs pianists who wish to learn their favorite piece.

Targeted Users

Perfect for amateur pianists who can read notes, as well as piano teachers.

Custom transcriptions

A custom sheet music can be created especially for you. You choose the items to include on the sheet music.

You don’t know what type of sheet music to choose?

Check out the items included on each type of sheet music.