About us

Our mission

Replica Music Transcriptions aims to facilitate the work of the music industry by making legally accessible sheet music from the Quebec, Canadian and international repertoire.

Our history

As for many companies, the story of Replica begins with that of its founder, Anick Robitaille.

In 2004, Anick graduated in jazz piano performance at the University of Montreal. At the time, she has already been working for four years as a jazz and pop pianist/keyboardist, as well as musical director, private teacher and arranger/copyist. [1].

In 2007, she received her first order of sheet music. A musical director, referred by a fellow musician, asks her to transcribe 45 song. She only had three days to complete the order. Accustomed to hard work, she accepts the challenge. Invited to attend the show she transcribed, Anick went to the Imberial in Quebec City to establish a more personal contact with her client. After the show, she meets the artistic director who immediately gives her another order. She also meets a band manager who wants to do business with her. Anick then sees an opportunity : that of making her copyist activities a full-time job.

Over the next four years, the number of orders explodes, and Anick can no longer meet the demand alone. She hires subcontracted copyists to review her work, which allows her to ensure the quality of her transcriptions while meeting deadlines. In 2010, the company’s first website is set up.

In 2011, Anick Joined HEC Montreal to pursue a specialized graduate degree in Cultural Organization Management. She wants to acquire the skills to create her company, Replica. The company was incorporated during the year. In 2012, the website is transformed into an online store.

Today, Replica hires a team of fourteen copyists specializing in different instruments. Anick now aims to diversify her products and expand internationally.

[1] The copyists are musicians whose jobs is to transcribe music by reproducing the song in its entirety, without making any changes. They are distinguished from arrangers who also produce sheet music, but modify the musical information to create a new version of the song. It should be noted that most copyists in the popular and jazz field are also arrangers.

Our values




Our team

Our team of copyists is composed of qualified musicians specializing in different instruments. Together, they cumulate several years of experience in music transciption. Our specialists also work as professional instrumentalists, allowing them to be in touch with the realities of our customers as well as good practices in transcription.

Our clients

In television

  • La Voix (2023), TVA
  • Star Académie (2021-2022), TVA
  • Le Premier Gala de l’ADISQ (formerly known as L’Autre Gala de l‘ADISQ), 2012-2015 and 2017 to date.
  • La Grande Veillée, UNIS
  • Mix Sonore, UNIS
  • Le Gala ARTIS, 2015, 2016, 2017.
  • Microphone, Zone 3, Télé-Québec.
  • Y’a du monde à messe, Productions Bazzo Bazzo, Télé-Québec.
  • Karaoke, KOTV, Véro.tv.

Shows and events

  • Discothèque, Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, Place des Festivals, Fête du Canada 2017.
  • Saint-Jean de Laval, Various artists, Centre de la nature de Laval, 2016 à ce jour.
  • La musique de Stone : un hommage à Plamondon, artistes variés, Francofolies de Montréal, 2018.
  • Les chants d’amour de Félix, Francofolies de Montréal, 2013.
  • Blue Suede Show, Productions Grand V, 2016.
  • Cabaret ’67 , Productions Grand V, 2017.
  • Le monde est fou : hommage à Beau Dommage (pré-production), Cirque du Soleil. 2015.
  • Stone : hommage à Plamondon (pré-production), Cirque du Soleil. 2017.
  • 5 x 15 : toutes les saisons de Montréal (album), partie de Alex McMahon, GSI Musique, 375e de Montréal, 2017.
  • Envolée 150, artistes variés, Festival de montgolfières de Gatineau, 2017.
  • Spectacle de clôture, Jeux du Québec, Stade Olympique de Montréal, 2016.
  • Karkwatson, 2018.
  • Musique de notre monde, artistes variés, Festival International de la chanson de Granby, 2018.
  • Gerry, 30 ans de rendez-vous doux, Amphithéâtre Cogeco, 2018.
  • Une chanson à l’école, Culture pour tous, 2016 à ce jour.
  • Gala SOCAN, 2015, 2017.


  • Patrick Watson
  • Karkwa
  • Robby Johnson
  • Stéphanie Boulay
  • Chloé Sainte-Marie
  • Catherine Major
  • Alain Dumas

Record labels

  • Simone Records
  • Dare to Care


  • Productions Bulle
  • Productions Grand V
  • Productions Alain Dumas
  • Imagine Spectacles et Événements
  • Productions Majorette

Musical directors

  • Alex McMahon
  • Jeannot Bournival
  • Gabriel Gratton
  • Jean-Phi Goncalves
  • Jean-François Lemieux
  • Alexis Dumais

Educational Institutions

  • Cégep de Sint-Laurent
  • Conservatoire de Rimouski
  • Cours de chant, Jessica Vigneault
  • École primaire Horizon-du-Lac
  • Cours de chant, Julie Beaulieu