The respect of copyright

How copyright works

In Canada, the Copyright Act is defined as follows :

« For the purposes of this Act, copyright, in relation to a work, means the sole right to produce or reproduce the work or any substantial part thereof in any material form whatever, to perform the work or any substantial part thereof in public or, if the work is unpublished, to publish the work or any substantial part thereof ; […] » (Copyright Act, Part 3.1)

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Musical works are part of works protected by copyright. Consequently, any reproduction of a work, be it auditory (recording, public performance) or visual (sheet music, lyrics) is forbidden, unless a royalty is paid to the owners of the work (authors and composers). It goes without saying that if reproduction is prohibited, the sale of such reproductions is also prohibited.

At Replica, we consider it important to pay artists for their work. To this end, we have entered into agreements with partners who manage copyright for the right holders. We pay royalties every time a sheet music is sold.

Since the arrival of the Internet, illegal sheet music have invaded the market. With technological advances, it is now easy to copy and distribute protected Works with impunity. That’s why, at Replica, we believe that it is of the utmost importance to offer legal sheet music as an honorable option for savvy consumers.

Society for reproduction rights of authors, composers and publishers in Canada (SODRAC)


SODRAC is a collective rights management society. On behalf of its members, it negotiates agreements with music users, and then oversees the collection of royalties and their distribution.

We distinguish ourselves by paying royalties

At Replica, we value the work of artists. That’s why we are proud to have reached a historic agreement with SODRAC In 2012, Replica became the first Canadian company to pay royalties on lead sheet type of sheet music.

To buy at Replica is to value the work of our artists.