Rhythm section parts

A detailed chart

All the necessary elements for each instrument’s interpretation are transcribed in the form of text indications, samples, patterns, and riffs. The notes are therefore not necessarily transcribed in full, thus allowing note taking. In this sense, the “rhythm section” keyboard chart differs from the “Piano as recorded” format, which is transcribed in full, from start to finish.  The parts usually fit on three to four pages. 

Ideal for experimented musicians

This format is ideal for professional musicians, music students, and advanced amateur musicians who can improvise and read notes and chords. We generally transcribe the instruments of the rhythm section (drums, bass, guitar and keyboards), but it is also possible to create such a chart for any other instrument. This type of sheet music is mostly used in large-scale productions, television shows and galas. It is not necessary to listen to the song to interpret it, although it is always advisable.